Senator Robles Soccer Camp

Senator Robles Congratulates Childrenby Senator Luz Robles
Minority Caucus Manager
Senate District One

On August 13th, 14th, and 15th, I had the opportunity to host an educational and soccer camp for children in my district.  This was the first year of Senator Robles Soccer Camp, and with the help of amazing volunteers and great sponsors, it was a great success.

The main focus of this event was to provide education for children between the ages of 6 and 10 years old in the areas of gang prevention, civic engagement, healthy habits, and oral health, integrating the great sport of soccer.  We opened the event with a beautiful reception for children and parents at the same location of the camp, which was the Sorenson Unity Center (thanks to all the staff of this facility who made the event a reality; special thanks to Angela).  During the reception, we had informational booths for the parents and children.  We had the visit of Leo the Lion and three players of Real Salt Lake, as well as elected officials of this area (Mayor Ralph Becker, Councilmember Van Turner, Rep. David Litvack and Rep. Jennifer Seelig). 

The rest of the time, the children got their uniform and gear and participated in classes and a soccer clinic provided by one of the most competitive soccer clubs in the state (La Roca FC).  Nutritional meals were provided for the children.  All the kids were very respectful and eager to learn new things, and more importantly, work in teams to stay healthy.

Providing a program like this with no cost for the families of these children was not easy.  I want to thank the sponsors that believe in supporting education and prevention with sports:  Workers Compensation Fund, Regence BlueCross BlueShield, Utah Consumer Lending Association, Gold Cross Ambulance, Rico, U.S. Census, Real Salt Lake, Creative Woodworks, Inc., and Zions Bank.
We had great support of presenters who worked really hard with the children:

Healthy habits – Terry (Salt Lake Valley Health Department)
Gang Prevention – Salt Lake City Gang Unity
Oral Health – Regence Caring Foundation
The History of the American Flag – Michael Clara (Leader for the Boys Scouts)
Public Safety – Sergeant David Moreno (Utah Highway Patrol)
Soccer Clinic – Adolfo Ovalle and staff (La Roca FC)

And, of course, thanks to the volunteers that donated countless hours of commitment to caring for all the needs and safety of the children:  Andy Gilbert, Grisett Contreras, Rene Leppe, Drew Martinez, and Jesse K.

My goal is to continue providing this program to more children in my district on an annual basis.  If you have any questions or you are interested in participating in next year’s program, please contact me at:

Senator Robles Addressing the Group

Teaching the Group


Senator Robles Poses with Participants

Learning about Flags

Learning is Fun

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