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Last week, I visited the Homeless Youth Resource Center, a facility sponsored by Volunteers of America, Utah. The Center provides services for homeless street youth through its Street Outreach Program, Drop-in Center, and Transition Homes.

Volunteers of America was founded over 100 years ago in 1896 and continues today to pursue its objective of helping those who need help the most. Volunteers of America, Utah offers a variety of services and programs with a focus on homeless individuals and individuals with substance abuse issues. Its programs are extensive, offering detoxification, 12-step meetings, case management, referrals for treatment, transition housing, counseling, group therapy, recreation, life skills training, and many more, touching the lives of more than 10,000 people locally.

Individuals served by Volunteers of America, Utah are just like you and me. They have grown up in your neighborhood or attended school with you, and they could be family, co-workers, or friends. They are simply individuals in need. The Homeless Outreach Program provides services to the adult community. The Street Outreach Program and Homeless Youth Resource Center offer services to youth on the streets.

Volunteers of America, Utah relies on the generous contribution of its volunteers, who prepare meals, perform administrative or janitorial functions, lead activities, supervise children, etc. You may volunteer your services on a one-time or regular basis.

There is an ongoing need for volunteers and donations for the good work done by Volunteers of America, Utah. If you have a desire to learn more, click here for an overview of services. Click here for information about volunteer opportunities. Click here for information on how to make a donation.

Thank you Utahns for your good work volunteering in our community.

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