Include Mental Health and Addictive Disorders

Senator Gene Davisby Senator Gene Davis
Senate District 3

As Congress and the State of Utah continue to look at health care reform, I believe we cannot overlook mental health and addictive disorders in any of our health care reform recommendations.  Mental illness is exactly that–an illness–and it can be treated. 

In a collaborative effort with Sybil Richard, Deputy Secretary, Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals, I wrote an essay on mental health and addictive disorders.  Please click here to read the essay (then click on “Mental Health and Addictive Disorders” in Table of Contents).

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One thought on “Include Mental Health and Addictive Disorders

  1. Thank you…both of my children have had substance abuse/addiction problems. While we had good insurance, it still cost an absolute fortune. Without insurance, we would have been homeless, you can’t give up on your children, ya know. .One is on replacement medication that, without insurance would cost over $400. a month. Please keep reminding them..

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