Governor Huntsman’s Ambassadorship

Senator Pat Jonesby Senator Patricia Jones
Senate Minority Leader

On behalf of the Utah Senate Democrats, we congratulate Governor Huntsman on his pending responsibility as our country’s ambassador to China.  We concur unequivocally with President Obama’s brilliant choice–Governor Huntsman is the perfect individual for the job.

When political labels are set aside and the needs of people prevail, it is evident where Governor Huntsman’s priorities lie.  In his tenure as Utah’s governor, he has advocated for many of the same issues Democrats advocate for every day, and generally we feel aligned with his views.

Like Utah’s Democrats, Governor Huntsman has advocated for issues representative of mainstream Utah.  He pledged his support for public education and teachers–and followed through.  He has supported higher education as a means of empowering Utah’s citizens and thereby boosting economic development.  He has adamantly opposed the disposal of nuclear waste in Utah.  He has actively participated in the Western Climate Initiative which, among its objectives, is the development of renewable energy sources.  He has advocated for the most vulnerable of our population and devised methods of addressing their immediate and long-term needs.  He supports increasing the cigarette tax, as we do.

We send our best wishes to Governor Huntsman and his family as he embarks upon this new endeavor.  He is a model public servant and will use his diplomatic skills to achieve success as our country’s ambassador to China.

We also send our best wishes to Lt. Governor Gary Herbert, who will become Utah’s governor upon Governor Huntsman’s departure.

Looking ahead to 2010, you will see a number of Democrat candidates who are capable and qualified to fill the governor and lieutenant governor positions and can do so with Governor Huntsman’s same aplomb and policies that reflect mainstream Utah.

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