It’s a Celebration

Governor Huntsman signed SB 73, Unincorporated Areas Amendments (The Township Bill), and SB 15, Workers’ Compensation Premium Assessment and Related Funding, in ceremonial fashion surrounded by many contributors who helped make the ideas become law.  (April 8, 2009)

 Senator Mayne Speaks
Governor Huntsman and Senator Mayne

  Signing SB 73
Governor Huntsman signs SB 73

 SB 73 Attendees
Representative Poulson, Lucille Workman (Senator Jones’ mother), Senator Patricia Jones, Frank Pignanelli, Mayor Peter Corroon, Nichole Dunn and Paul Rogers

  Signing SB 15
Governor Huntsman signs SB 15

Senator Mayne and Friends
Royce Moser, MD; Don Marano, President, IHI Enviromental; Kurt Hegman, MD., Director, Rocky Mountain Occupational and Health Center and Senator Mayne



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