Thanks to The Magnificent Seven


The Magnificent Seven
Front Row:  Emily Bennett, Drew Martinez, Michelle Taylor, Matt Beckstead
Back Row:  Jessie France, Reid Luzzader, Scott Sizemore

On the final day of the 2009 Legislative Session, we want to sincerely thank our seven magnificent interns from the University of Utah who have spent the past seven weeks serving the Senate Democrats in the Utah State Senate.  We appreciate the outstanding work of our interns.  It would be impossible to accomplish our legislative tasks without them!

Michelle Taylor is Senator Jones’ intern.
Scott Sizemore is Senator Romero’s intern.
Jessie France is Senator Mayne’s intern.
Drew Martinez is Senator Robles’ intern.
Reid Luzzader is Senator Davis’ intern.
Emily Bennett is Senator Morgan and Senator Goodfellow’s intern.
Matt Beckstead is Senator McCoy’s intern.

Senate Ruler

This legislative session, President Waddoups gave rulers to each Senator displaying the words “Utah State Senate” to hand out to those who have gone beyond the ordinary and have “measured up.”  Well, in President Waddoups’ estimation, our interns have “measured up,” and he gave a signed ruler to each one at noon today.

Measuring Up
President Waddoups with our Interns

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