Remarkable Kids

Today Utah’s senators enjoyed an outstanding performance from Kindred Spirits, introduced to the body by Senator Patricia Jones.  Kindred Spirits is a nonprofit organization partially funded by the Utah Arts Council, Salt Lake City Arts, and Zoo Arts & Parks.  Several of the kids have also benefited from services of the Utah State Health Department.  Alice Pero is the director (and a talented artist, by the way), and she was accompanying her son Julius Steubing and her sister Renee Perreault.

Sal Jansaan with Salt Lake Community Action Program has been teaching this group about Polynesian art, and they performed two Polynesian dances today at the Senate.  Members of today’s group were:

Adam Persels and Araya Persels with their mother Tina
Celina Woolsiffer with her mother Natalie Jensen
Annabelle Hollberg with her mother Susan Hollberg

Also assisting was Sal’s husband, Evan Jansaan, and Gina Pola-Money from Utah’s Family to Family Health Information Center.

Kindred Spirits Performing Their Dance


Kindred Spirits

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