Thanks for Measuring Up

by Senator Ross Romero
Senate Minority Whip

This year President Waddoups has given rulers to each Senator displaying the words “Utah State Senate” to hand out to those who have gone beyond the ordinary and have “measured up.”

Senate Ruler

On February 13, 2009, I asked three individuals to come to the floor of the Senate and be recognized for their actions.

On January 29, 2009, Julio Venegas found $1,200 on the floor of a Chevron Station where he was working.  Instead of keeping the money as encouraged by a customer, Julio turned it into the authorities.  The press was contacted and after showing the individual who dropped the money on the news, the authorities were able to locate the proper owner who eventually retrieved the money.  (Click here for the full story.)

In December 2008, dozens of travelers who were taking a bus through Utah to California were stranded in Salt Lake City because of winter weather.  Floyd Mann and his friend Ron Gilder heard about these travelers and decided to help.  Mann and Gilder loaded up Mann’s car with water, soups, chips, snack bars and paper supplies which they dropped off at the bus station.  When Mann and Gilder found that many of these people had been stuck there for days, Mann offered them lodging at his home.  Eleven travelers accepted his offer, and over the Christmas holiday Floyd, his wife, and Ron, were the hosts to these travelers for almost a full week.  (Click here for the full story.)

These individuals are examples of those in our community who have truly “measured up.”  I was pleased and honored to be able to invite them to the Senate and personally thank them for their leadership and generosity.

Ruler Recipients
Julio Venegas, Floyd Mann and Ron Gilder

Receiving Rulers

Senator Romero with Ruler Recipients
Julio Venegas, Ron Gilder, Senator Ross Romero and Floyd Mann


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