Is Nuclear Energy Renewable????

Senator Pat Jonesby Patricia Jones
Senate Minority Leader

Nuclear ReactorThis question was posed this week on the Senate floor by Senator Lyle Hillyard to Senator Chris Buttars, who tried to amend SJR1 (Senator Patricia Jones) to include nuclear as a renewable source of energy.  SJR1 encourages cities and towns to work with the State Energy Program to develop model ordinances for cities and towns that choose to develop wind, geothermal or solar energy projects.  This non-binding resolution is intended to expedite the process of renewable energy project development and give municipalities guidance as needed.

Senator Buttars tried “the nuclear option” in his amendment, not realizing that nuclear energy is not considered by the U.S. Department of Energy to be a renewable energy source.  Thankfully, nearly all of the senators understood that fact, and the amendment failed (11 For and 14 Against).  SJR1 passed with 27 yeas, 1 nay, and 1 absent.

Click here to listen to floor debate on Senator Buttars’ amendment and the final vote. Select Day 9.

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