Young Democrats on Capitol Hill

by Macey Matthews
Communications Graduate
Westminster College

Session Employee

Young people had a big impact on the November election, and now they are preparing to do the same with this year’s legislative session.  On Wednesday, members of the Young Democrats of Utah came to the Capitol to meet with Democratic lawmakers.  They came with six bills that they plan on targeting, three they support and three they oppose.  Ethics, abortion, voting reforms, gay rights, and gangs are the issues the group will be focusing on. Group leaders will be encouraging members to write letters to committee chairs, lawmakers, and local publications. They also plan on conducting meetings with senators and representatives on both sides of the aisle.

Senator Ross Romero spoke to the group and thanked them for their involvement and leadership.  He also encouraged them to get their friends involved.

You can become part of the legislative process, too.  To find your local legislators and their contact information, just enter your address in the box on this website.  Then pick up the phone or a pen and lobby away!

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