Legislative Update from Sen. Robles

Senator Luz Roblesby Senator Luz Robles
Senate Minority Caucus Manager
District One

As you all may know, last Friday the 30th, we passed the FY2009 budget.  It was a long and strenuous process, but I believe it was a good compromise between the Democrats and the Republicans.  The Democrats worked hard to get more funding for public education, health and human services, and the criminal justice system.  Now, the real battle begins for the budget on FY2010.

In other news, a House bill that I plan on co-sponsoring moved out of the House Business and Labor Committee this morning.  House Bill 265– Postmortem Procedures Amendments, sponsored by Representative Daw (R-Orem), is a bill that would give more rights to families to take care of their loved ones after they have passed on.  It’s a bill that will ensure that all public standards are respected.  I’m excited to co-sponsor the bill and hopeful it will pass on the Senate floor.

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