Visit your State Parks

by Senator Ross Romero
District  7

Senator Romero at Jordanelle

Senator Romero and son with Mike Johnson, Park Manager of Jordanelle State Park.


Jordanelle Marina

Jordanelle Marina and Campground

Jordanelle Reservoir

Jordanelle Reservoir


A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to go camping with my family and some friends at Jordanelle State Park.  While I was in the Park, I had the chance to meet Mike Johnson, the Park Manager.  Mr.Johnson was nice enough to tell me about the Park and explain what he had been working on for the Park.  Currently, the visitors’ center is being converted into a much more functional event center.  Once open, the event center will be available for rental so more individuals will be able to utilize the facility and enjoy the views of the lake and mountain side. 

Mr. Johnson also explained how he organized a fireworks display over the water on July 12th.  This event will be repeated in the years to come, which should again draw visitors to the Park.  He expressed a desire to improve and groom trails around the Park and perhaps bring in some recreational activities like a zip line to be enjoyed by the Park’s visitors.  I appreciated the time Mr. Johnson took to explain his efforts and desires for the Park.  I think he was doing a great job attempting to blend making sure the Park was open and utilized to the public while at the same time making sure the environmental protections and proper maintenance were being enforced.

I hope you and your family have had the opportunity to enjoy a Utah State Park this summer.  If you have not or would like more information, I would encourage you to visit:  The Parks’ website provides information about trails, boating, golfing and OHVs.  It is a wonderful resource for what is going on in our State’s Parks and even includes what the weather is in the Parks.  Finally, the website offers opportunity to learn about the family fun activity of geocaching–a high-tech treasure hunt using a global positioning satellite (GPS) unit. 

I hope you continue to have a fun and safe summer and look forward to hearing how you enjoyed your Utah State Park visit.

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