President Obama Issues Healthy Communities Challenge to Utah

Salt LakeHealthy Communities challange City is one of 20 communities across the country issued the ‘Healthy Communities Challenge’. The community with the highest sign-up percentage of citizens on the Health Insurance Marketplace at will receive a visit from President Obama to tell the whole country about their success.

“Utah, see how easy it is to get health care coverage inexpensively on the health exchange,” states Utah Senator Gene Davis. “The President of the United States has challenged the nearly 200,000 uninsured Utahns to get coverage, see how affordable it is to protect you and your family. Log onto, do it today and spread the word!”

In Utah nearly 8 in 10 people can get healthcare coverage for $75 or less a month on the Health Insurance Marketplace at Last year Utah consumers saved an average of $209 a month thanks to tax credits for Marketplace coverage.


According to a recent Salt Lake Tribune Op-Ed (link):

“Getting covered used to mean filling out endless pages of forms – and sometimes even a medical exam. But today, makes the process fast and simple – you can shop around, compare plans, and choose the one that works for you and your family. If you, a friend, or family member need health coverage, head over to and sign up.”

Here’s the good news about health coverage on the Health Insurance Marketplace at

  • 6 million American people now have healthcare coverage
  • The number of insured citizens has increased significantly
  • Millions of families not only have the security of healthcare coverage, they now have security knowing that they won’t become bankrupt when they get sick
  • Insurance companies can NO LONGER deny coverage because of pre-existing conditions
  • Preventative care like checkups and mammograms are now covered for free

Open enrollment is already underway, and if you sign up by Dec. 15, you’ll have coverage on New Year’s Day. But no matter what, sign up by Jan. 31 to get coverage next year.

Check it out for yourself! Go to or to get information and sign up. Or call 1-800-318-2596 for confidential assistance 24/7 — help is available in more than 200 languages.



Additional Information:

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