Of Gay Marriage and Vouchers

by Senator Scott McCoy
District Two

Senator Scott McCoyAs I read Rep. Urquhart’s response to my blog post on gay marriage in California, it became clear to me that he really has not read it very closely. Rather, he tries to scare Utahns for political gain.

Here is what he asserts: “Scott and Democrats are working to force Utahns to recognize gay marriage.”

What? I, nor any elected Democrat in the state of Utah, has ever tried to “force” Utahns to accept or recognize gay marriage.

In fact, in my blog, I specifically say that I won’t try, and I caution other gay and lesbian Utahns not to try to “force” gay marriage on Utah through lawsuits. I suggested rather than ram gay marriage down Utahns’ throats, we should understand Utah law and we should lead by example and live honestly. That’s not forcing anything on anyone.

This demonstrates a big difference between the Republicans and the Democrats. Democrats don’t try and force their values on other people. Republicans with a super majority do. Rep. Urquhart raises the classic example: vouchers. He and his colleagues forced vouchers and their values on the Utah public even though Utahns overwhelmingly opposed and ultimately rejected vouchers and the anti-public education values that underlie them.

So who really is forcing things on whom?

One thought on “Of Gay Marriage and Vouchers

  1. i am so happy to find you on the internet.
    i feels good that you are l.d.s. and openly gay.
    i too am gay and l.d.s., but still struggle with my orientation.
    if you have a chance please respond to my email address.

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