Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis Discusses Fight for SB134: Game Fowl Fighting Amendments

The Humane Society of Utah interviewed Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis on the passage of SB 134, Game Fowl Fighting, and named Senator Davis as one of Utah’s best legal champions for animals.

Gene- Headshot

Senator Senator Gene Davis discusses the difficult three year push for making game fowl fighting a felony:

“As its sponsor, I did manage to get the felony cockfighting bill through the Senate all three times. But the first year it died in the House, just sort of laughed off the pages and voted down. The following year, it was basically gutted — the House totally eliminated everything we wanted to accomplish with it.”This year, it was also watered down to the point where it became almost unrecognizable. As it ended up, cockfighting is a Class B misdemeanor on the first offense, then it progresses to a Class A misdemeanor. We don’t even get to the felony level until there’s a conviction on the third offense. In retrospect, I wish we could have got the bill through in its original form. We need to put an end to this archaic and brutal activity once and for all in Utah. But this is a beginning — it’s much farther than we’ve ever come before.

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