Senator Escamilla Shares Thoughts on Prison Relocation to SLC

Media Statement

Senator Escamilla

For Immediate Release

Contact: Lisa Beaudry, Communications Director
Utah Senate Democrats
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Senator Luz Escamilla
Cell: 801-550-6434

Sad Day for Salt Lake City, its Residents and its Leaders

Salt Lake City –Senator Luz Escamilla voices overwhelming frustration with
location announcement by the Prison Relocation Commission and issues the
following statement:
“I am truly disappointed with the news that the Prison Relocation
Commission has selected Salt Lake City as the site for the building of the
new state prison,” exclaims Senator Escamilla. “The residents and leaders
of Salt Lake City have been loud and clear when opposing this possible
west side relocation site.”

“I feel a big mistake is being made to build a state prison in this
limited available space area when we should be developing this area for
economic development purposes. The west side of Salt Lake City has been a
helpful and responsible neighbor and stepped up to house the only State
Parole Violator Center (The Fortitude Treatment Center) and several
halfway houses. Instead of this area being asked to bear the
disproportionate burden of having these types of facilities in their
community, the only fair choice would be that the rest of the state share
this responsibility.”

“I believe this matter is not finished, and I am hopeful members of the
state legislature will consider the importance of a more appropriate
relocation site for the state prison than the west sideof Salt Lake City.
I will be sure to remind them that this vote is a vote on the site and
location, not on prison reform or our state’s criminal justice reform.”


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