8 Days are Left in the 2015 Utah Legislative Session

This week will be the “defining week of the session for the Senate,” states Ric Cantrell, Senate Chief of Staff.

As a legislative group, we are looking at healthcare, clean air, gas taxes, and shock of all shocks; a medicinal cannabis bill introduced by conservative Senator Mark Madsen (R) Lehi.

To date, we, as the Utah Senate Democrats, have put out more press releases than all of last session, over 250 Facebook Posts and as many tweets, and added nearly 200 fans to our Facebook page, ‘Utah Senate Democrats’.

We have introduced, tabled and passed bills on healthcare, clean air, worker safety, biological father protections, LGBT anti-discrimination, home owner rights and making rooster fighting a felony in Utah.

As we move into the final days, we ask you to follow our Facebook page and Twitter so as to better communicate with us and let us know what is important you.  Finally? Please remember we are humbled to serve and dedicated to hard work.2015-Senators v2

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