Utah Senate Democrats Anticipate 2015 State of State Address from Governor Herbert

On Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City tonight Utah Senate Democrats are anticipating Governor Gary Herbert’s State of the State Address in hopes that Governor Herbert will address key issues important to the citizens of Utah, not only during the 2015 legislative session, but the long-term future as well.

The Democrat Senators have identified 4 areas of critical importance for the 2015 legislative session:


“Education is the greatest public infrastructure the state can provide, Utah needs to reinvest in our education system.” – Gene Davis

“I look forward to good legislation this session that will include additional funding to enhance teaching and auxiliary staff that work together to support the whole student. The students of Utah need us to pay attention to this.” – Senator Karen Mayne

Affordable and accessible health care:

Senator Gene Davis

“I want full Medicaid expansion and have sponsored a bill in support of that. Full Medicaid expansion allows for better access to quality healthcare. Full expansion will provide more coverage to more people who need it. I believe this bill has merit and should be state law. It is a better way to provide healthcare access to the citizens of Utah.”

SB 83 – Medicaid Expansion Proposal – Amend UT Health Code to expand Medicaid eligibility

Environment / Air Quality:

Senator Gene Davis

SB 87 – Environmental Protection Amendments – Repeals current laws so Utah is allowed to establish stronger rules than the federal Clean Air Standard.

Senator Luz Escamilla

(not numbered) – Air Quality Rules and Penalties

Increases air regulations and increases penalties for unlawful incineration.

Senator Jim Dabakis

SB 105 – Public Lands Act Amendments – Requires attorney general to file petition by 6/30/15 demanding determination of ownership of public lands

Senator Jani Iwamoto

SB 49 – Bear Lake Sovereign Lands Amendments – amends provisions for launching and retrieving a vessel on Bear Lake and transporting individuals or equipment near Bear Lake

Economic development with a strong commitment to families and a living wage:

Senator Karen Mayne

“We need to focus on GOOD JOBS, COMPETITIVE WAGES and a SKILLED WORKFORCE. It is our mandate to protect, enhance, serve and sustain the citizens of Utah.”

SB 44 – Construction Trades Licensing Amendments – Amends UT Construction Trades Licensing Act to prohibit unincorp entity that is subject to the act from assessing a management fee; addresses penalty for assessing management fee in violation of bill

SB 50 – Railroad Revisions – Enacts provisions prohibiting railroad from operating freight train unless it has crew of at least 2 people; specifies certification requirements

Senator Luz Escamilla

SB 10 – Compact for Interstate Sharing of Putative Father Registry Information – Creates the Compact registry for sharing putative (biological) father information

Senator Jim Dabakis

SB99 – Public Accommodation Fairness Act – Prohibits discrimination in a place of public accommodation on basis of sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression



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