Views on Health Care Reform

by Senator Gene Davis
Senate Minority Whip

Sen. Gene DavisIn Utah as well as elsewhere in this country, our health care system is in crisis. We applaud the fact that Governor Huntsman and the Legislature (HB 133) are willing to look at this issue, but we have to be cautious in our fix so that we keep the health care stool on a level playing field (legs of this stool are access, cost and quality). It is important that we find ways to encourage all citizens in the state to have adequate health care. We must address the issue that all cannot afford insurance. Whatever we do, it cannot be a plan that mandates and thus rewards the insurance industry; the rewards should go to the consumer. Providers should be paid adequately across the board so we don’t shift the burden to consumers. We must address the shortage of health care professionals. Whatever program is ultimately adopted, it must be health care that addresses medical, dental, vision and mental health, as well as giving all providers access to all patients. We believe we can improve the system if we are willing to address disease management, best practice guidelines, and evidence-based medicine and to encourage the teaching of healthy lifestyles without bias.

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