2014 Lunch with the Utah Senate Democrats Contest was a huge success!

Utahns statewide entered the #UtahSenDems 2014 Lunch Contest via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.  IMG_9361

We picked nine lucky residents to enjoy a free lunch on Feb. 28 with the fabulous five Utah Senate Democrats.

The winners:

  • Paul Hofman, West Valley City
  • Renate Hoffman Riggs, Midway
  • Ben Pales, West Haven
  • Ed Blake, Salt Lake City
  • Nikki Cunard, Salt Lake City
  • Pamela Portocarrero, Salt Lake City
  • Ben Eddington, Cottonwood Heights
  • Kirsten Park, Salt Lake City
  • Jandy Stelter, Midvale (She couldn’t attend.)

The luncheon started with a quick Utah Senate tour by Senator Jim Dabakis. The group then returned to eat lunch around a table with the senators in the Minority Caucus Room.

Two hot topics were: Getting more democrats elected into office and increasing the number of people voting. They also discussed the Count My Vote initiative and Medicaid expansion.

The winners, all democrats, were glad they got the chance to have an intimate, lively discussion with the senators. They later said via email:

  • “While I usually pay more attention to the national politics, I decided that I should be more involved in what’s going on in my state… I always knew there weren’t many democrats represented in the state legislature, but I wasn’t aware of how drastic it is.” – Ben Eddington
  • “I will always take advantage of the opportunity to spend some “alone time” with the Utah Democrat Senators, they are a great bunch of people who work very hard for us!” – Paul Hofman
  • “It was so nice to visit one-on-one with my senators without the time constraints of formal meetings.” – Kirsten Park

Thank you to everyone who entered the contest.  We appreciate your continuous support.  – The #UtahSenDems


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