SB60-Repealing Labor Commission Responsibilities

by Senator Ross Romero
District 7

Sen. Ross RomeroSenator Ross Romero sponsored Senate Bill 60 to eliminate the obligation of the Utah Labor Commission, through the Anti-discrimination and Labor Division, to gather information regarding the fee charged to employees by employment agencies. The bill unanimously passed in the Utah State Senate and is now working its way through the House of Representatives.

Currently, the Utah Labor Commission is obligated to maintain an oversight role over the fees individuals pay to employment agencies. The bill’s purpose is to repeal this responsibility of the Labor Commission since in recent years the practice of charging employees fees by temporary agencies has been eliminated. The law still requires city and county oversight and regulation over employment agencies. In addition, the employment agencies are still obligated to post a bond as part of their licensure.

The purpose of SB 60 is to address a resource issue confronting the Utah Labor Commission. The current process demands the use of unnecessary man hours for an outdated process. Passage of this bill will help alleviate some work to an already busy Labor Commission while also ridding the Commission of unnecessary regulatory responsibility.
SB 60 will now be heard in House of Representatives with Representative Chavez-Houck as the House sponsor.

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