by Senator Ross Romero
District 7

Sen. Ross RomeroUtah’s economy is currently one of the most robust in the United States. Utah has been blessed with many new jobs and opportunities. Utah has a 3.2% unemployment rate, which is one of the lowest in the nation. Any willing and able-bodied person who wants to have a job should have a job in this environment.

Some in this State want to address the immigration issues facing our nation through state action or legislation. While we agree something must be done to address the immigration issues affecting our nation, we believe this is an issue best addressed at the federal level. Many laws enacted by other neighboring states have had an adverse economic effect on their states’ economies. This has not changed the state of immigration in the United States but has negatively impacted the states which have adopted this patchwork approach.

Utah was founded by early pioneers looking for a better opportunity for themselves and their families. Nothing is more American or natural than sacrificing for one’s children and family and working hard for it. We cannot overlook those who are out of compliance with our laws as we address this important issue; however, we must also recognize the human impact of our decisions.

I am pleased by our community’s religious leaders recently reminding us that our decisions affect people. Our decisions will have a direct effect on some and an indirect effect on all. I am encouraged our Presidential candidates are talking about immigration and possible solutions. Taking the time necessary to study the proposals through an interim study may be the best action. This will give us time to hear from our new administration and President.

One thought on “Immigration

  1. Wouldn’t it be great if America could take in all the poor and mistreated of the world? It would be wonderful, but we can’t and that is why we have the immigration laws that we do. To put it very simply my daughter is a cat fanatic she has already taken in 4 cats but when she took in one more cat she found it was picked on and not accepted. She finally had to find another home for it.
    The same happens when you put too many rats in a cage, they become aggresive, kill each other, turn to homosexulaity, steal and even murder their offspring. When you add a cultural difference it intensifies the hostility. America was once a land with hope, now we are a land that can’t cope with anything, look at New ORleans. We need to clean up our own back yards before we let others bring their trash to add. No, I don’t blame the immigrants for wanting to come here but if we don’t keep it to a trickle then we will end up with the same problems they are escapeing from. Another argument, in 1970 my brother and husband went to prison for Marjawana. I don’t believe it should be illigal, but it is, therefore We don’t smoke it anymore because of the laws. If we break a law (good or bad) we pay. So should anyone else that breaks the law. If your here illigally you need to either go to jail or go home and come back when it’s your turn legally.

    No I am not prejudice. My family consists of Santos, Sauzos, Sanchez Diaz etc… and also a mixture of black, indian and asians.
    I feel we should be working on the Americans feeling more like one people rather than worrying about all the other countries and their problems.

    Sorry, We need to fix US first and let others fix themselves.

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