Senator Mayne Promotes Workplace Safety Week in June in Utah

Senator Karen Mayne held a press conference on February 28 to address legislation in regards to workplace safety, including a measure that designates June 23-29, 2013, as Workplace Safety Week in Utah.

Senator Mayne continues to push workplace safety legislation each year. She is working with several companies, agencies and organizations to create legislation to promote safety in the workplace.

Here are some of her proposals for the 2013 Legislative Session:
Concurrent Resolution Designating a Week to Recognize Workplace Safety, SCR9:
Designates June 23-29, 2013, as Workplace Safety Week in Utah. This resolution is to encourage Utahns to participate in activities that recognize the importance of safety in the workplace, on the road and when using public transportation.
Concurrent Resolution Recognizing Workers’ Compensation Fund for Workplace Safety, SCR2: Recognizes the Workers Compensation Fund and its role in promoting workplace safety and helping injured workers.
Substitute Joint Resolution Concerning Railroad and Railroad Crossing Safety, SJR8: Encourages Utah Driver License Division to include testing and education on safe motor vehicle operation in and around rail lines and railroad crossings.
2012 Legislative Session
Transportation Safety Revisions, SB195: Made laws regarding railroad crossing and automobile traffic uniform.

Supporters of legislation:
• Union Pacific Railway
• Railway Users
• Associated General Contractors
• Home Builders Association
• Associated Building Contractors
• Utah Trucking Association
• Utah Mining Association
• Utah Petroleum Association
• Utah Department of Transportation
• Unified Police
• Retailers Association

Read press release here.

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