HCR4-Thanks for Helping Combat Wildfires during 2012

Senator Karen Mayne is the Senate sponsor of HCR4, Concurrent Resolution on Utah Wildfires, a resolution of the Legislature and Governor expressing appreciation to the many dedicated individuals from state, federal, and local agencies, and volunteers, for helping combat the state’s many wildfires during the 2012 wildland fire season.  Senator Mayne presented HCR4 on the Senate floor today, and she recognized firefighters from throughout the state of Utah, the Bureau of Land Management, and the U. S. Forest Service who were in attendance.

The 2012 wildland fire season was the busiest we have seen in several years.  In terms of numbers of fires, it was the busiest on record.  Lower than average snow back, along with a dry spring, resulted in unseasonably early fire conditions.  By the time the official fire season started, Utah was experiencing the driest May and June in 30 years.  An unprecedented number of large fires occurred during a two-week period during this time.  Utah averaged a large fire every other day during this period.  A number of records were set this season.  The number of fires was the most on record (1,528 fires) and the number of acres burned (413,626 acres) was well above the ten-year average.  There was a record number of large fires, and a higher than average number of those fires occurred on state and private lands.  (Source Utah Department of Natural Resources)

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