Clean Utah

by Senator Ross Romero
District 7

Senator Ross RomeroThe Utah Department of Environmental Quality hosts an impressive program called Clean Utah, a voluntary program for conservation-conscious businesses willing to take steps beyond those required by rule or statute to prevent or reduce pollution and environmental waste. Clean Utah recognizes and rewards companies that go beyond compliance.

Earlier this month, I attended the Clean Utah luncheon and awards presentation where several Utah companies were recognized for going above-and-beyond what was required, and at the same time, these companies significantly improved their bottom line.

In 2006, Clean Utah Partners (companies at the Tier Two Level) recycled 4,387 tons of materials, saved 648,000 gallons of water, saved 6,448,957 cubic feet of natural gas, used 29,130 gallons of natural gas instead of gasoline, and kept numerous pollutants out of the air. These companies experienced increases in revenue through recycling and reductions in landfill disposal fees. Employees were enthused about the program and contributed their own ideas to further protect our environment.

Information about Clean Utah and its three-tiered membership program can be found on its website:

Another organization affiliated with Clean Utah is the Utah Pollution Prevention Association, which also recognizes companies that implement practices to reduce pollution. Information about its P2 awards can be found on its website:

I would encourage you to examine these two websites to see if your company can do similar things to make Utah clean.

Congratulations to the award winners, and thanks for all you are doing.

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