How the Cookie Crumbles

by Senator Gene Davis
Senate Minority Whip

Sen. Gene DavisSince the pro-voucher cookie ad aired comparing school-age children to stacks of Oreo cookies, we have seen and read endless commentary. Unstated in the analogy is the fact that private interests, not community interests, will be consuming a number of the cookies (our tax dollars). Taxpayers will be paying private industry to educate a select few in schools where there will be essentially no oversight of the tax dollars.

While the private sector may have a role in providing some state services, it cannot provide traditional state services for all citizens because the necessity of profit will always trump service. If public funds are diverted to private education, what control will the taxpayers have on the quality of private schools? What voice will taxpayers have in the qualifications of educators, the curriculum, or even the lunch menu?

Voucher proponents tell us it’s okay to divert our tax dollars to private industry because it will result in more tax dollars for public schools. This assertion is false. Taxpayers will double-fund each student who accepts a voucher, paying once for the voucher and again for a portion of the per-student state funding to the school district.

Prior to casting your vote, please read the Impartial Analysis in the Voter Information Pamphlet prepared by the Legislative Fiscal Analyst. Read the analysis and you will see the cost of vouchers to the state will exceed savings realized by the school districts. Click here to view the pamphlet.

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