Both Houses of the Utah Legislature Honor the Great Todd Taylor

Utah House of Representatives observe a moment of silence in honor of the late Todd Taylor. Pic via Brian Grimmett (kuer)

Salt Lake City – Both houses of the Utah State Legislature honored the passing of Democratic Party sage Todd Taylor this afternoon. Watch the video below.

House Democratic Leader, Representative David Litvack took a moment to honor the memory of  Utah’s greatest Democrat, Todd Taylor.  Representative Litvack was immediately followed by Representative Patrice Arent (D), who asked the House for a moment of silence to honor Todd’s memory. The entire House body, as well as those in the gallery, rose in silence as a tribute to the man who gave us all so much.

The Utah State Senate also showed their respects, resolving into a Committee Of The Whole so that Utah State Democratic Party Chairman, Jim Dabakis, could speak of our recently departed friend.   Jim invited current and former party officers to join him on the floor while Senators and observers stood together for a moment of silence.

Watch the video of Jim’s speech below.

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