Capitol Week In Review: Week 6

2012 General Legislative Session Week 6:  February 27 – March 3, 2012
Dear friends and neighbors, 

There is only one more week left in the session! We are honored to serve you and all the citizens of Utah. Negotiations on the budget is consuming much of the time and energy up on Capitol Hill, but we are still working hard on a variety of bills to help improve the state.



  • Sen. Jones’ bill that would require a parent to be present when a teenager uses a tanning bed passed through both chambers and is on its way to the governor.
  • Sen. Mayne’s bill to require mediation between consumers and producers of sport utility trailers regarding defects passed out of both chambers.


Senate Bills On the Move:

S.J.R. 24 – Creates a joint rule requiring new legislators to go through training on Utah demographics and cultural diversity and sensitivity (Romero). 

Status: Voted down in committee.


S.B. 35 – Requires mediation between consumers and producers of sport utility trailers if there is an issue with defects (Mayne).


Status: Passed through both chambers.


S.B. 41 – Prohibits teenagers from using a tanning facility unless accompanied by the parent or guardian, in addition to other restrictions on tanning beds (Jones).


Status: Passed through both chambers.


S.B. 53 – Renumbers and modifies the Recreational Therapy Practice Act in relation to

licensure, scope of practice, and other matters (Davis).

Status: Passed through both chambers.



S.B. 47– Creates the Alzheimer’s State Plan Advisory Council within the Division of Aging and Adult Services and describes the duties of the division (Morgan).Status: Returned to the Senate Rules committee.


S.B. 48 – Expands the mission statement of public education, emphasizing citizen involvement in government and strong moral values (Jones).


Status: Passed through both chambers.


S.B. 81 – Provides funding to hire paraeducators at certain schools (Mayne.)


Status: Passed out of the Senate and has been introduced in the House.


S.B. 119 – Allows wine purchases to sample wine under strictly controlled circumstances (Romero).


Status: Passed out of the Senate committee and now awaits a second reading

S.B. 127 – Requires more training for those who prescribe pain medications. (Jones). 

Status: Returned to the House Rules committee.


S.B. 144 – Regulates non-attorney “immigration consultants.” (Robles)


Status: Passed through the Senate and is on to the House.


S.B. 173 – Requires owner of a property to disclose certain information to renter (McAdams).


Status: Passed out of House committee and awaits a second reading in the House.


S.B. 211 – Creates a state earned income tax credit and provides for transfers from the General Fund into the Education Fund in the amount of tax credit claimed (McAdams).

Status: Passed the second reading in the Senate and awaits final passage



Senate Democrats Discuss Important Issues With Governor Gary HerbertEach week, Democratic leaders meet with Gov. Gary Herbert to discuss policy and legislationIn our meeting with Gov. Herbert this week, we expressed opposition to efforts to take land back from the Federal government. This legal battle would be incredibly costly and Utah would likely lose. Proponents argue that more land under Utah control would yield greater tax revenue. We prefer to use that money to aid our schools right now, rather than rely on a lengthy legal battle with uncertain results.


We also showed concern over the cuts in the Department of Air Quality budget cuts. Maintaining our environment is of great importance, and we requested that the funding be put back in. Gov. Herbert said that education is the funding priority, and any extra funds should be directed to our schools.


H.B. 363 is another problematic bill we discussed with the governor. We are pleased that he values parental choice in areas of sex education. This is why we oppose a state mandate that would strip schools and parents of their ability to decide what is best for their students and children.

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