Last month, Senator Mike Dmitrich attended the Utah Mining Association’s 92nd Annual Convention in Park City. At the request of the Association, he presented two awards to legislators, one to Senator Howard Stephenson and one to Representative Wayne Harper.


Unbeknownst to Senator Dmitrich, a surprise was in the works! He was not allowed to exit the stage. He learned he was not only a presenter of awards but a recipient, as well. The Utah Mining Association awarded him a Prazen bronze statue (by renowned sculptor Gary Prazen) entitled “Coal in My Veins” for lifetime legislative achievement. He extends his sincere appreciation to the Utah Mining Association for acknowledging his contribution to Utah’s mining industry and government.

Congratulations, Senator Dmitrich!

UMA Award (Coal in My Veins)

“Coal in My Veins” by Gary Prazen

“Coal in My Veins”

P.S. Click here for info about Gary Prazen, the sculptor.

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