Don’t Waste Utah

by Senator Patricia Jones
Senate Minority Caucus Manager

I plan to sponsor legislation this next session to address the problem of litter and debris on Utah’s highways (for the Department of Transportation). Here are the reasons for the legislation.

Senator Pat Jones

See if you can answer the following questions:

1) How many dispatch calls did the Highway Patrol receive last year to handle DEBRIS ON HIGHWAYS? Answer: 6,357 in SALT LAKE COUNTY ALONE!

2) How many reported accidents in Utah were caused by debris on the highway last year? Answer: About 1,000

3) Once litter has been cleaned up, how long does it take to “re-litter” and need cleanup again? Answer: About 6 weeks!

4) How much money has it cost taxpayers SO FAR THIS YEAR to clean up litter on Utah’s highways? Answer: MORE THAN
$2 MILLION! This does not include fixed equipment costs, administrative costs, facility costs, contracts or training.

5) Do you remember the “Don’t Waste Utah” anti-litter campaign? Our young people probably do not. Littering and unsecured loads destroy the beauty of our landscapes, and they cost ALL of us money.

In 2006, UDOT used 99,600 trash bags. Each bag holds 12.2 cubic feet of litter. Our “haul” in FY2006 was 45,000 cubic yards of litter. That’s enough litter to cover a football field 45 feet deep.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Waste Utah

  1. Greetings,

    I am 30 years old and I remember the “Dont Waste Utah” campaign very well.
    In fact, my father was in one of the road warrior commercials, his role:
    The head of a pack of vicious bikers roaming the landscape until they run into the road warrior parked on the side of the road where they stop and join him in cleaning up the litter from the side of the road.

  2. Neither me or father hav a copy of that commercial, if UDOT has those commercials archived anywhere still (I would hope that such timeless memorys would be backed up and saved on a hard drive somwhere)

    Me and my father would greatly appreciate recieving a copy of the public service anouncement, and it would gain you many votes, I could promise that. Thanks, Jake.

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