Utah Democrats: Standing Up for Our Military Personnel

The Utah Senate passed a measure today that will allow active duty personnel to receive property tax exemptions under certain conditions.  SJR8, sponsored by Senator Luz Robles, D–Salt Lake City, will amend the Utah Constitution to allow for a property tax exemption for certain military personnel .

The Senate also passed a companion bill, SB 116, which will define the property tax exemption for military members to include certain members of the armed forces who performed military service in a combat zone in the prior year.

The cost to Utah taxpayers amounts to approximately $1 per homeowner.

Because the proposals require a constitutional amendment, the bill must pass with 2/3 of the legislature in support. Senators voted in favor, on a 24-4 vote.  It now goes to the House for further consideration.  Upon final passage in the House, the question will appear on the November ballot.

Click here to watch the floor debate.

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