Senate Approves Miltary Property Tax Exemption

by Whittney Evans

(KCPW News) The Utah Senate approved a bill this morning to exempt military personnel from paying state property taxes. Senate Bill 116, sponsored by Democratic Senator Luz Robles, would apply to a service member who has been called to active duty. Robles said men and women serving probably weren’t expecting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to go on so long, and they’re suffering.

“There’s more suicide for men and women in our military services than they’ve ever seen before.” Robles says. “There’s more issues related to the economy and them trying to get back to our communities. And truly this is just a small way of saying thank you as a state.”

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One thought on “Senate Approves Miltary Property Tax Exemption

  1. I would like to extend my sincere appreciation as a current Utah Service Member. Even though there are many of us that are coming up on the end of our careers. This is a positive move in continued and needed support for our service members. As a disabled VET I am always looking at ways to help our Military community. In the upcoming months I will be medically retired with a disability rating from the VA for combat related injuries. It is a sad day seeing my career coming to a close but with people like our Senators and Representatives of the state of Utah we will always have support. Please express my sincere thank you to all that made this possible.

    Kenneth L. Cotner

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