Should kids who are legal immigrants wait for health care?

Holladay • On their 10th attempt, Vitalina and Harold Lazarus finally won the immigration lottery to come to the United States from Ukraine.

They and their three children landed in Salt Lake City in March, and set about building the life they’d dreamed about for a decade.

Harold Lazarus got two jobs as a certified nursing assistant, and his wife took English classes so she can eventually put her economics degree to use.

The family gets by but would be in a world of hurt if the parents or children were to get sick.

“I always worry about breaking leg,” says Vitalina Lazarus, gesturing toward Davian, 3, and Daniel, 5. “They’re boys. They always jump.”

The couple also has Lina, 8, who on Friday was video-messaging with her father, a medical student who has returned to Ukraine for this semester’s classes.

The Lazaruses, say advocates, are just the kind of immigrant family for whom the Utah Legislature should string a safety net.

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