Utah Fire Caucus Honors Senator Mayne

Last Monday during the fire fighters luncheon at the Capitol, the 2012 Utah Fire Caucus recognized Senator Karen Mayne as “Legislator of the Year.”

Senator Mayne was recognized for her never-ending quest to protect the rights of all workers, consumers, and citizens.  Beginning in her youth, Senator Mayne made it her mission to help others in her community.  She has been instrumental in the creation of several youth programs and women’s support programs, and she has advocated for the elderly.

Senator Mayne is quick to demonstrate her respect and affection for the fire service, knowing that fire fighters are expected to win every time.  She is always willing to battle along side fire fighters and champion their causes.  She stands with them to protect their rights to safe working conditions.

When you hear Senator Mayne call a fire fighter “buddy,” you know she means it—and the fire fighter has earned it.

(excerpts from award presentation by Jack Tidrow,
President of the Professional Fire Fighters of Utah)


Congratulations, Senator Mayne, on this well-deserved honor.

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