Breaking News! Class Size Reduction Bill passes the Senate

SALT LAKE CITY – Senator Karen Morgan’s bill to reduce classroom sizes in the lower grades passed the Utah Senate today.  The bill would put caps on class sizes – 20 students in kindergarten and at 22 students in first, second and third grades. Or, it would require teachers’ aides, known as paraprofessionals, in larger classes.   The bill also includes measures to hold schools accountable.  In order to continue to receive state money that’s long been distributed for class size reductions, schools would have to meet the new caps.

“Kindergarten through third grade is a critical time in a child’s education,” Morgan, D-Cottonwood Heights, told senators. “That is the time they need more one-on-one individualized attention.”

The bill passed on a 19 – 9 vote, with all Democrats voting in favor of the measure.

How did your Senator vote?

Yeas – 19

Adams, J. S. Davis, G. Jones, P. Knudson, P. Mayne, K.
McAdams, B. Morgan, K. Niederhauser, W. Okerlund, R. Osmond, A.
Reid, S. Robles, L. Romero, R. Stephenson, H. Stevenson, J.
Valentine, J. Van Tassell, K. Waddoups, M. Weiler, T.

Nays – 9

Anderson, C. Bramble, C. Christensen, A. Dayton, M. Hinkins, D.
Jenkins, S. Madsen, M. Thatcher, D. Urquhart, S.

Absent or not voting – 1

Hillyard, L.



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