Cell phone bill moves to the Utah House of Representatives

From KSL
By Nkoyo Iyamba

SALT LAKE CITY — A bill targeting teenage drivers and cellphone use passed a second Senate reading 19 to 9 Monday.

The bill, sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Ross Romero (D) puts restrictions on how and when cellphones can be used by teenage drivers while operating a vehicle. The bill, according to Romero, is supp osed to extend Utah’s Graduated license program, which gives teens under 18 driving privileges incrementally. It would prohibit teens from talking on any phone device while driving, unless in an emergency or they are talking to parents. New drivers are currently limited by passenger restrictions, supervision and nighttime driving rules.

“Those with the least experience driving operating a motor vehicle, should have their focus on learning how to operate a motor vehicle,” Romero said. “…If you are under 18 and you get into an automobile accident, you cause property damage or injure other people, (and) the parent is responsible for that.”

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