Week 2: Capitol Week In Review

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The 2012 Legislative Session is now in full swing, and Utah Senate Democrats are working hard to find common sense solutions for the many complex issues we face a state.

This week Utah House and Senate Democrats presented several pieces of legislation that will impact the health and wellness of all Utahns.  Please take a moment to view our press briefings and read the full transcript and summary of the bills by clicking here.

Utah Democrats have always believed that that when it comes to our health and wellness, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  That’s why in 2012 we are presenting legislation to make sure that every child has access to quality health care, bills that will provide all Utahns with improved cancer screening, and solutions to decrease the incidences of melanoma, the fastest growing cancer in Utah.  There are also bills from Democrats designed to improve Utah’s air quality proposals to solutions faced by our aging population, such as Alzheimer’s Disease and end of life decisions.   Please check our website regularly to see how our bills are moving through the process.

Here are some highlights:

S.J.R. 1 – Recognizes the impact of Alzheimer’s on Utah citizens, encourages support for and implementation of the 5 year state plan to address the disease (Morgan). 

Status: Passed out of committee  unanimously and has been placed on the second reading calendar of the Senate.


S.C.R. 4 – Urges women age 40 and older to receive breast cancer screening (that includes a mammogram) once a year (Mayne).


Status: Passed out of committee and has been placed on the second reading calendar of the Senate.


S.B. 31 – Limits class sizes for kindergarten through grade three (Morgan).


Status: Passed the second reading on the Senate floor. The vote was 18 yeas, 9 nays, with two absent. It is now on the third reading calendar for the Senate.


S.B. 32 – Encourages facilities which perform mammograms to tell patients who have dense breast tissue about options for additional screening (Mayne).


Status: Passed the in the Senate and was sent to the House, and assigned to the House Business and Labor Committee.



S.B. 36 – Modifies the Utah Revised Business Corporation Act to allow domestic corporations to transfer to another state (Davis). 

Status: Passed out of the House Business and Labor Committee and now awaits a second reading on the house floor.


S.B. 90 – Creates incentive for individuals to report financial fraud (McAdams).

Status: Passed in the

Senate and has been sent to the House, and is being held in committee.


S.B. 91 – Helps victims who lost their savings due to financial fraud to recover against perpetrators. (McAdams).


Status: Passed in the Senate and has been introduced in the House.


S.B. 107 – Prohibits a person from possessing graffiti paraphernalia with the intent to deface public property (Mayne).


Status: Failed to pass on the Senate floor. The vote was 11 yeas, 17 nays, and one absent or not voting.


S.B. 51 – Prohibits housing or employment discrimination on basis of sexual orientation.


Status: Tabled in committee on a 4-2 vote. (Senator Luz Robles voted against tabling the bill, and had recommended that the bill be passed from committee with a favorable recommendation.)

S.B. 110
– Requires that suits against Salt Lake County borrowers be brought in the county (McAdams). 

Status: Failed to pass out of the Senate Business and Labor Committee.


S.B. 116 – Allows active duty military personnel to claim a property tax exemption (Robles).


Status: Passed out of committee and has been placed on the second reading calendar in the Senate.


S.B. 117 – Requires certain publication of bills which reduce Education Fund reserves (McAdams).


Status: Failed to pass out of the Senate Education Committee.


S.B. 127 – Requires more training for those who prescribe pain medications. (Jones).


Status: Passed out of committee and has been placed on the second reading calendar of the Senate.


S.B. 139 – Reduces the age from 16 to 14 for children who wish to express their opinion during

a child custody proceeding regarding with which parent they would prefer to reside (Robles).


Status: This bill was not considered in the Senate Judiciary, Law Enforcement, and Criminal Justice Committee.

Senate Democrats Discuss Important Issues With Governor Gary Herbert

Each week, Senate Democrats have the opportunity to meet with with Governor Herbert regarding legislation and policy that is being discussed during the legislative session.

Senate Democrats expressed concern to the Governor that higher education did not have a larger funding priority in his budget.  Although we agreed with him that public education also needs more funding, we also believe that higher education must also be properly prioritized. As the budget process unfolds in this session, we will be working with our Republican colleagues to find more funding for our colleges and universities.

We reported back to the Governor regarding the series of Town Hall meetings that have been held with business and community leaders regarding alcohol policy.  We expressed the desire from business leaders to be more included in discussions regarding the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control and its policies.   We also want to ensure that all those affected by DABC policies have a voice, and we’re working with Governor to achieve that goal.

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Week 2:  January 30 – February 3, 2012
2012 Legislative Session

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