Capitol Week In Review

Week: January 23-27

The Capitol Week in Review is your weekly digest of Utah Senate Democrats’ efforts during the 2012 Legislative Session.

Senate Bills On the Move:

S.B. 128
Prohibits teens from using a cell phone while driving (Romero).
This bill passed out of committee and awaits its second reading on the floor.

S.B. 90
Modifies the Securities Fraud Reporting Program Act (McAdams).
This bill passed in the Senate and has been sent to the House.

S.B. 36
Modifies the Utah Revised Business Corporation Act to allow domestic corporations to transfer to another state (Davis).
This bill passed in the Senate and has been introduced in the House.

S.B. 32
Encourages facilities which perform mammograms to tell patients who have dense breast tissue about options for additional screening (Mayne).
This bill passed the second reading in the Senate and is on the calendar for the third reading.

S.B. 35
Provides for mediation between a consumer and manufacturer regarding defects in a motor home (Mayne).
This bill passed out of committee and is on the second reading calendar in the Senate.

S.B. 107
Prohibits a person from possessing graffiti paraphernalia with the intent to deface public property (Mayne).
This bill passed out of committee and has had its second reading on the Senate floor, and is awaiting a vote.

S.B. 31
Limits the class size for kindergarten through grade three (Morgan).
Status: This bill passed out of committee and has had its second reading on the Senate floor, and is awaiting a vote.


State of the State Response In his State of the State address, Gov. Herbert lauded the state of Utah for its economic strength through this tough economic time. Senate Democrats agree that Utah is a role model for the nation. But more must be done to further grow Utah’s economy to ensure that everyone who wants a job can have one. We understand that a state’s economy is only as strong as its foundation. Education is Utah’s foundation for economic growth. That is why Utah Democrats are working together to push the Best Schools Initiative. This plan will put Utah on the path to having the best schools in the nation. Utah Democrats know that the best education comes from four key components:

  • A great teacher
  • Individualized attention
  • World-class curriculum
  • Family and neighborhood support

Sen. Karen Morgan’s bill to limit class size (S.B. 31) for example is an important step in achieving the above goals. Look for more legislation that will improve education coming soon. While making our schools the best in the country is a tall task, Utah Democrats believe it is within our reach.

And we can do it without raising taxes. By looking at our budget priorities and making use of the additional revenues coming into the state, we can achieve real improvement in our schools.We look forward to working with our Senate and House colleagues as well as fellow Utahns to ensure that we build a strong economy tomorrow by maintaining strong education today.

For the full Democratic response click here

Senate Democrats In the News

  • Democrats say Governor’s anti-federal government tone was excessive – Salt Lake Tribune
  • Democrats focus on education in State of the State response – KCPW Radio
  • Citizens rally at the Capitol to support Sen. Morgan’s Alzheimer’s legislation – Deseret News
  • Sen. Mayne Pushes for Additional mammogram data for women – KSL; Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News


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Ross I. Romero Senate Minority Leader


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