Review Committee Delivers Final Report On DABC Recommendations

Capitol Hill – The business owner-led DABC Review Committee has completed their final report of recommendations for changes in the Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control, and delivered their report this morning to House & Senate Democratic Leaders. Read the report below.

The DABC controls a $300 million dollar business in Utah, but recent audits have uncovered waste and possible criminal fraud. Because the funds the State receive from the DABC are so critical to funding programs like school lunches and roads, Representative Litvack and Senator Romero called for an independent committee, made up of local business owners to review the DABC processes and create a report of recommendations which would be delivered to the Utah Legislature.

The committee, led by co-chairs Peter S Cooke, Stephen Schubach and Jeff Hatch completed their task after countless meetings and public hearings, and delivered the following report this morning for consideration.

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