What Happened to Senator Mayne’s Mane?

We reported that Senator Ed Mayne shaved his head at the Taste of Kearns event earlier this month. Senator Mayne has lung cancer and was losing his hair as a result of chemotherapy, so he decided to have a little fun with it.

With the loss of his mane, Senator Mayne joins other members of the Senate Democrat caucus who also happen to be “maneless.” Three plus one equals four. Who are the other three?

This photo was taken last Interim Day in the Senate Chamber. Like Bagley’s “captionless” cartoons, this is a “captionless” photo. Any ideas? Here are a few.

The Bald Eagle Forum
Great Balds of Fire!
And me without a cue stick?
No Do’s is Good News
Capitol Domes of Utah

Four Bald Democrat Senators

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